Chefette Continues Support of Charities for World Aids Awareness Day

Today we recognise World Aids Awareness Day and Chefette Restaurants, will be continuing its support to The National HIV/AIDS Commission and the AIDS Food Bank. This is the 19th year that Chefette has been supporting the work of The National HIV/AIDS Commission.

Recently, at its corporate office, Chefette Advertising Manager, Lisa Carter, presented the funds to NHAC Public Relations Officer Fabian Todd. In expressing his gratitude, Mr Todd said “As we continue into the second year of battling the COVID-19 pandemic coupled with the challenges we were already facing with HIV, The National HIV/AIDS Commission (NHAC) is extremely grateful that Chefette Restaurants continues to be a beacon of hope through this annual assistance.

Today’s generous contribution will most certainly help to alleviate some of the challenges HIV clients are experiencing in their battle with the two pandemics. On behalf of the Chairman, Director, staff, and volunteers of the NHAC, I thank you.”

While handing over the cheque, Lisa Carter, Chefette’s Advertising Manager, noted that Chefette has been in the forefront in supporting many charities and organizations, that are engaged in promoting activities and programmes for the benefit of the less fortunate in the community, in this case those affected by HIV/AIDS. She noted that Chefette also made its usual annual donation to the HIV/AIDS Food Bank as well.

Article published November 30, 2021

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