MEGA Playgrounds

Our Playgrounds

Chefette recognises that today's children are tomorrow's adults, and with this view, Chefette became the quick service restaurant to introduce a playground in Barbados. The first playground was established in Rockley in 1989. Since then, 8 more have been built, each strategically placed and packed with slides and activities that children are sure to enjoy.

MEGA Playgrounds

Starting with Black Rock's 3-Storey playground, Chefette began building MEGA multi-storey playgrounds and was the first restaurant in the Caribbean to do so.

In December 2011,February 2012 and May 2016, 2-storey MEGA playgrounds were opened at our Charles Rowe Bridge , Speightstown and Six Roads locations respectively.

Chefette Wildey became the 2nd location in Barbados to have a 3-Storey playground and our fourth MEGA playground. It also features the highest slide in the whole island!

In October, 2013, Rockley's air conditioned playground was upgraded to a MEGA 2-Storey playground.

Chefette's ultra-modern restaurant at "The Walk", Welches and the recently renovated Warrens location both have MEGA 3-Storey playgrounds!

In June, 2016, Six Roads' playground was upgraded to a MEGA 2-Storey playground.

Chefette Lancaster which was opened in August, 2017 features the island's first Double MEGA 3-Storey playground which has a spaceship.

Playground Locations

  1. Black Rock, St Michael (MEGA 3-Storey)
  2. Charles Rowe Bridge, St. George (MEGA 2-Storey)
  3. Lancaster, St. James (Double MEGA 3-Storey)
  4. Rockley, Christ Church (MEGA 2-Storey)
  5. Six Roads, St. Philip (MEGA 2-Storey)
  6. Speightstown, St. Peter (MEGA 2-Storey)
  7. Warrens, St. Michael (MEGA 3-Storey)
  8. Wildey, St. Michael (MEGA 3-Storey)
  9. "The Walk", Welches, St. Thomas (MEGA 3-Storey)


All Chefette playgrounds are designed with safety in mind, with features such as special rubber tiles, enclosed tube slides (for the larger slides) and grip footholds on the bridges.