MCBI Full Throttle Sprint Report

The 2018 Motorsport season is on the way and the first Chefette Speed Team member to get into action was Barry Mayers. His first event was the MCBI double header sprint between Lambert's and Pickerings in St. Lucy. The stage comprised sections of smooth tarmac in the Lambert's areas and switches onto sections of bumpy tarmac towards Pickerings. 

Barry was having his first shakedown of the Ford Fiesta which underwent some upgrades and redevelopment in the off-season following a successful 2017. In the first direction from Lambert's to Pickerings he was immediately up to speed; 2nd fastest 2WD and a second off the WRC cars. He steadily lowered his times to be the fastest 2WD in the direction and 4th overall. 

When the stage was reversed, Barry started out chasing down the time posted by Daryl Clarke in the 2WD battle. In his final run of the day Barry was able to go a second faster than Clarke who had missed the last two runs of the day. With this, he once again claimed fastest 2WD and was 4th overall.

Satisfied with the event, Barry noted that "In the off season we fully rebuilt car and did some suspension changes, the car felt a bit better than last year and we still have some more changes we will make for the up coming event this weekend." This event is the Carter's Pitstop Shakedown Stages where the full complement of the Speed Team is expected to be competing. 

Article published April 18, 2018

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