H02 Construction Winter Rally Recap

The curtain came down on the Barbados Rally Club's 2019 season on October 27th with the running of the HO2 Construction Winter Rally. The event comprised 10 stages in total at 3 venues; Hangman's Hill, Turner's Hall and Dark Hole. Rhett and Roger were the two Speed Team drivers to face the starter as Barry's car was not ready which saw him take on the duties of Car Zero to help with running of the event.

Rhett concluded the event 6th overall and 2nd in group SM2 after putting in a very solid drive and not taking any unnecessary risks. With more seat time now under the belt in the refreshed BMW, he now sets his sights on the 2020 season.

Roger put down what can be called the 'drive of the day' as he finished 2nd overall, fastest 2WD and fastest in group SM2 in his WR Starlet. He said that having the car ready well in advance of the event gave him a lot more time to go check out the stages than he normally would. This paid off as he was even fastest overall on the first run of the Turner's Hall-Apes Hill stage. He also mentioned that "Although it was the perfect day with the car, it is difficult to maintain the rate we went at and Corbs had to keep me in check as it is so easy with this car to just slide off the edge. The faster we get, we start to feel a bit invincible and that's when things go wrong so Corbs helps to just pull it back."

Article published November 04, 2019

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