BRC Winter Sprint 2017 Report

The Barbados Rally Club got back into action for the first time since Sol Rally Barbados with a double  header Sprint between Josey Hill and Lambert's in St. Lucy. The event had a healthy entry of almost 30 cars which included the full compliment of Speed Team cars and drivers. The venue, one which is often used, took on a new character as around 40% of the stage had been resurfaced with smooth tarmac.


The Speed team drivers got engaged in a tense battle throughout the day. In the first direction, Barry was the man in control for the first two runs leading Roger by fractions of a second with Rhett on their heels. Roger then flipped the script and was ahead of Barry, setting a time only two-tenths slower than eventual winner Jeffrey Panton’s best up to that point. Rhett also leap-frogged Barry to take 3rd overall and the win in SM3.


When the stage reversed, it was Roger to set the pace in the 2wd class. He remained ahead to take 2nd overall and the win in SM2. Rhett once again finished 3rd overall and 1st in SM3, while Barry was behind them, 4th overall and 2nd in SM2.


Below are the brief thoughts of the drivers following the event:


  • Roger: After rebuilding the entire shifting system after the disappointment of Sol Rally Barbados, it was great to have it run trouble free all day and get a good result.
  • Barry: The event was so well run by the club. This is the first real time I got to run all day at Roger with the new car and despite being happy about how it went, I know we've got the work cut out for us to get closer to him.
  • Rhett: The event went as planned, as this year is now all about development with the new power plant. I took it steady on the first 2 runs then it was maximum attack to hunt down the Mayers brothers. In the end, I'm pleased with the result as the car is on pace.

Article published October 13, 2017

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