Chefette Donates to La Soufriere Volcano Disaster Relief Efforts

Chefette Restaurants is again extending its generosity to those in need. This time around, Chefette has reached beyond the shores of Barbados in keeping with its pledge to support charities and persons in need. Barbados’ largest restaurant chain has come to the assistance of our neighbours in St. Vincent who are suffering from the effects of the La Soufriere volcano which erupted on Friday April 9th 2021.

Recently, at Chefette’s Corporate Office, a cheque in the sum of BDS$20,000 was presented to the United Caribbean Trust, a registered Charity that aids in disaster relief throughout the Caribbean. These funds will be used to assist the Vincentians displaced by the La Soufriere Volcano.

During the presentation, founder of the United Caribbean Trust, Jenny Tryhane, thanked Chefette and said “On behalf of the people of St Vincent I want to thank you for your most generous donation. We are ready to ship down 5 Sawyer PointOne Community Filtration Systems that leave tomorrow on the Coast Guard being taken down by Mr. Grenville Williams, Regional Security, who will be initially distributing these into two schools that are being used as shelters and the three Prisons that he is responsible for. We are on schedule to ship, on Thursday, another 12 Sawyer PointOne Community Filtration Systems as a Pilot Project into the Churches and not forgetting the Garifuna Community. Once our airport is open we have ordered another 100, 50 which are airmarked for St Vincent. So thanks again for your continued support.”

Chefette’s Advertising Manager, Lisa Carter presented the cheque and said, “Our hearts go out to the people of St. Vincent, especially those who are most impacted by the devastating volcano. Our donation will assist in providing purified water for persons in shelters. It gives us at Chefette, great pleasure in aiding the relief efforts. It is painful for us to comprehend what the people of St. Vincent are going through.”

The Filtration systems, when kept topped up with dirty water can serve 1,000 persons per day each with ½ gallon of pure filtered water. The filters have a lifetime guarantee once back-flushed regularly and therefore provide an efficient means to get clean water to the island.

Article published April 15, 2021

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