Chefette Continues Support of Charities for World AIDS Awareness Day

World Aids Awareness Day is recognised on December 1st each year. It presents an opportunity for people and organisations worldwide, to unite in the fight against HIV/AIDs.  Chefette Restaurants is making sure that The National HIV/AIDS Commission (NHAC) and the AIDS Food Bank, both local organisations, receive the financial assistance that will assist them in supporting persons living with and affected by HIV/AIDS.

Chefette has been supporting the NHAC annually since 2002. Recently, at Chefette’s corporate office, Public Relations Officer of the NHAC Fabian Todd,  received the cheque from the local Restaurant Chain and said “The National HIV/AIDS Commission (NHAC), would like to again thank Chefette Restaurants for this annual donation.

The Chairman of the Commission’s Board, Dr. Wendy Sealy, Director of the NHAC Secretariat, Dr. Jacqueline Wiltshire and all NHAC secretariat staff can only shower praises on Chefette for consistently being an active part in the National AIDS Programme for over a decade. 

"Funds like yours greatly assist us in executing the various programmes and projects we endeavour on a yearly basis. We know too that Chefette Restaurants plays a crucial role in the positive shaping of young people here in Barbados. To this end the funds will be used for only projects actively involving the youth, with great emphasis on good values and abstinence"

Chefette also gave a generous donation to the HIV/AIDS Food Bank.  Stacia Whittaker Manager of the Food Bank accepted the cheque and said “the HIV/AIDS Food Bank thanks Chefette for their continued support to persons infected and affected by HIV/AIDS.  Through your contribution, we are better able to provide food and hope to our recipients.  Thank you for making what we do so much easier.”

Chefette’s Advertising Manager Lisa Carter thanked the representatives of the local organisations for providing Chefette with the opportunity to assist financially and noted that her Company was fully supportive of their initiatives. 

Article published November 30, 2017

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